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Nearly 80% of people utilize social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and some other channels. Nearly 3.5 billion peoples are using Facebook which is half of the world’s population. It is not bewilderment that this network is so popular among the people. Social media is a great medium for businesses to promote their brand or services.

Social media marketing is not about posting the content and promoting it. It needs some time to plan and execute the campaign. Our social media marketing specialists will plan the campaign according to the client’s requirements and start to work on it to achieve their business objectives.

Digital Ranko offers the best social media marketing services for small companies and enterprises. Even we worked with Fortune companies to increase their brand value.


What is Social Media Marketing

The utilization of social media platforms to enact brand awareness, drive more traffic to the website and increase sales. Social media marketing is creating an advertisement on social media platforms. It helps to increase the followers and makes them engage with publishing social media content posts.

Social media marketing is the most powerful method for enterprises and businesses where they can spend a low amount and strengthen brand engagement. And also, it brings exceptional results and converts customers into a brand promoters

Social Media Marketing Basics

Social media is a major source for people to get all information in today’s world. It is the main factor for a website to be rank in search engines.

According to a recent report, people spend 2 hours every day on social media networks and messaging applications.

Usage of social media has grown up exponentially hence it is very critical to know how to advertise on social media and to find out the target audience, demographics and increase brand awareness. Many marketers enter into the social media marketing field without knowing about it. It is a huge mistake. Don’t do it if you do not know what is social media marketing and its needs.

We have social media marketing experts who provide information about the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing strategy that assists you to get initiated with a social media campaign.

Is Social Media Marketing important to your business?

Yes, social media marketing is the prime importance of online accomplishment. It helps companies to create brand promotion and generate more revenue.

Social media marketing endorses you to advertise your brand to the right peoples who are getting ready to convert. Mostly, the opportunities for conversion are more on social media marketing. Remember, that social media marketing strategies help to increase more online presence and find out the right audience.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing Services

Start-up and established companies have several benefits by utilizing social media marketing services. With the perfect plan and tracking system, social media marketing can drive better SEO, enhanced brand allegiance, and increased search traffic.

Still unsure about spending money on social media marketing services? Don’t get worried.! Here you can see the advantages of social media marketing services that make it easy to decide it.

Target the right audience
It is not a matter of how quality content you publish on social media to reach your target audience. Advertising via social media helps you to find out and classify your right peoples by gender, location, age, and other activities. Social media marketing experts will research your niche to know about your right customers’ interests and advertise the relevant content based on their requirements.
Help to rank in search engine
In search engines like Bing and Google, you can see the tweets, comments, and profiles on the results page. This implies the bearing of social interaction. Most of the peoples look over it and share your advertised content on all social media channels. By doing this, you can get more traffic to your website and thereby chance to rank higher in search engines.
Can reach more customer
A recent online study shows that 54% of peoples use social media and they highly depend on suggestions received from social media influencers while looking for a brand. You can increase your brand awareness and show up your brand in front of the target customers with drive a social media marketing strategy.
Increase online visibility
The progress of social media marketing is unbelievable in an online market field where it becomes a more useful resource for brands and companies. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can enhance online exposure visibility and make peoples show more interest in your brand and company. It is quite easy to bring about more social signals and engagements, for example, shares, likes, and comments. This one is possible only with a robust content marketing strategy utilize in social media networks.
Improved customer entrustment
Knowing the strategy for marketing on social media makes you develop a plan and create a connection with your profile followers. Specialists who work on our social media marketing agency publish engaging content and tell about your company in online conversations to create a pulse in the current online market. We show up your testimonials and case studies to your target people through social media video marketing that shows your brand value. These strategies play a vital role in making a bond with your followers.
Increased convenience
Social media marketing is an ideal way to reach your customers without spending a huge amount. It is mostly suitable for small companies. Even large enterprises show more interest in social media marketing. Many social media channels help you to showcase your services and products at a very lower price. Apart from this, one of the major advantages of using social media is that you can reach more possibilities across locations instead of not doing any other additional activities or spending more amount.

What does Digital Ranko Social Media Services include?

Our social media marketing services provide everything to your business to gain profit through social media. Following are the social media management services that we offer for our clients.

  • Design profile and cover photo
  • Create original Images
  • Social media posts
  • Monitor the social media account
  • Promote the post
  • Analysis of your competitors
  • Tracking social media activities regularly
  • Submit monthly analytic reports
  • Use advanced marketing methods

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Our working procedures for social media management services

If you are looking forward to working with Digital Ranko, then you have to know about our working process. There are four steps involve in our social media management services

1. Discuss your requirements with our social media account manager

Digital Ranko allocates a separate social media account manager when you spend money on our social media service package. Here, our social media specialist handles all aspects of your campaign from the start of content creation to image design.

They develop a strategy after researching about business reputation, previous performance of your social media, online competition. Our strategies have brought out more revenue for clients. Unlike other agencies, our allocated manager knows about your name, interests, and keeps in touch with you all the time. These things make you feel more comfortable with us. There are no restrictions between clients and us hence everyone can feel free to ask any queries regarding the strategy, social media campaign, etc.

2. Get the analysis report of your social media existence

Social media campaign launch after your allocated social media account manager speaks with your team either via phone call or in-person. A lot of research is required during this time. First, they look out at your competitors, previous history, and much more. This analysis report is more useful for your expert. It gives valuable information about how to get succeed in your business field through social media.

The social media account manager tells about the information which they find out during research with your members. For instance, the account manager may showcase your brand's online reputation or may explain the competitor’s social media strategy.

3. Receive a data-driven strategy for your campaign

The next step is that your allocated social media account manager develop a custom social media strategy from their research and your team’s suggestion. Even your specialist pointing out the industry-specific information on the previous social media campaign performance. It is an added advantage for your business to market on social media.

After developing the strategy, your social media experts provide the presentation and explain it in front of your team members. You are most welcome to give suggestions and raise queries. We want to confirm that everybody knows about your campaign and the results behind it.

4. See positive results

Once your social medial account manager receives approval from your team, they start to start to work on creating the content, design unique images, and advertise on social media. And also deliver a monthly report of your campaign insights. Every month, you have to verify the deliverable via mail.

After the launch of your strategy, your social media account manager tracks the performance of your social media posts, ads, and much more. In case, if you have any queries, you can ask your account manager as they respond within 24 business hours. Within a few days of your campaign launched, you can receive more orders from your social media pages.

 Your business can reach the success level with Digital Ranko.

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