Social Media Marketing Case Study

Myla Boutique

myla boutique


Myla Boutique unveiled a shopping site to present their customers the perfect tailor-fit dress to suit all occasions and ceremonies. Their outlet has dresses and accessories for both men and women which befits their individual tastes.

Myla Boutique approached Digital Ranko to help with establishing their brand presence online and increase their social media traffic. Their primary need was to generate more visibility and conversions using platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Ad Results
We created distinctive promotion content for each social media ad campaign
We ran social advertisements on Facebook and Instagram utilizing the diverse promotion visuals we made.

The first Ad campaign generated over 50,000 views with a cost of only $50. 68 people were converted to purchasers at the end date of the campaign.
The second advertisement campaign generated over 70,000 views. 86 purchases were made. We spent $70 on this campaign.

Whenever you need us we are here. Digital Ranko helped Myla Boutique to help leverage their social media platform by creating responsive ad campaigns that drove traffic and conversions for their business. Our social media advertising services helped them generate sales and build an overall awareness for their brand.




Wedtree is an e-commerce site exclusively created to customize gifts for special days. They follow a particular way of designing their products with a 3D visualizer and coded designs that along with the magic of your love transcends into something more beautiful. The gifts are handcrafted by their designer’s artisans whose touch creates the beauty that they sell.
Wedtree approached us wanting help in marketing their products and we jumped at the opportunity of helping yet another company achieve their goals.

(i)Created engaging content for the target audience.
(ii)Added to this, our team went the extra mile of providing a completely measurable sales campaign.

Here are the results:
a)Ad Period: November 24, 2019 – November 27, 2019 (3 days)
b)Reach: 63,884
c)Clicks: 2,745
d)Cost Per Click: $0.19
e)Click-Through Rate: 2.32%
f)No. of Purchases/Sales: 152
g)Cost Per Purchase/Sale: $3.42
h)Purchase Conversion Value: $1,557.50 (This is the revenue generated strictly from our ad campaign)

Although Wedtree is a startup company, we believed that what they offer was unique enough for people to be interested in. We knew that it only needed an effective marketing plan to increase awareness and sales. So what we did was to use social media to target the right audience and showcase what Wedtree products can do.
We were able to acquire 152 purchases for Wedtree, which translates to a 714% increase in sales!


web tech solutions


Webtechsolutions develop professional and stunning website designs. They offer the best services at an affordable price prioritizing customer satisfaction by creating and designing sites that are unique, attractive, and user-friendly.

Webtechsolutions came to Digital Ranko to develop a landing page for their website and also for social media marketing.

What is a landing page?
Landing pages are utilized to lead possible clients to your site and direct them towards one, explicit source of inspiration. Regardless of whether you need them to visit your store, follow your online media records, or buy into your mailing list. There are a lot of approaches to catch a client’s eye and persuade them to look at what you have to bring to the table.

(i)Creating strong first impressions
(ii)Creating both visual and textual content with relevant and reliable information.
(iii)Convincing the customers and pursue them into making a purchase by utilizing calls-to-action, product placements, and more.

Once we created the landing page, we started to work on a social media marketing campaign. Through our analysis report of their business profile, we decided to focus on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for social media marketing. Thereby, we generated over $1500 via social media advertisement campaigns.

Targeted new customers that were interested in Web designing solutions offered by Webtechsolutions.

Webtechsolutions approached us to plan an incredible presentation page for their site. Utilizing our insight into website architecture and shopper propensities, we made an instructive and outwardly engaging page that addresses their image and leads new clients to the ideal source of inspiration. On account of the page we planned, they had the option to keep a change pace of 20.7% throughout 5 months!

MC Photography

mc photography


MC Photography captures the most memorable moments in your life to portrait your memories to the best you can imagine. Their expertise lies in shooting wedding and ceremonial photos.

MC Photography approached us to help market their services via social media and establish their brand online by bringing in more traffic. We eagerly helped our client in the venture and saw significant results.

Our Activities:
(i)We created distinctive promotion content for each social media ad campaign for our target audience
(ii)We ran social advertisements on Facebook and Instagram utilizing the diverse promotion visuals we made.

End Results
We generated $1000 for their business through our social media advertising campaigns.

Deej Dexigner

Deej dexigner


Deej Dexigner provides compendious architectural design services which makes it easier for our clients to avail all the services under one roof. Plans are designed and executed at an affordable cost. They offer proficient engineering configuration benefits according to the most latest trends and with the affirmation of best space management. They continue to offer the best services from their origin in 1998.
They approached Digital Ranko to help manage their social media platforms.

Social Media Results
(a)20% growth rate in just one week!
(b)Facebook and Instagram management
(c)Content creation and social media copywriting

Our client liked our services as we prioritized the customers to the industry. They were so satisfied, that we gained approval for the original content right away.

(i)Interest-based focusing, for the individuals who are searching for architectural administrations
(ii)Retargeting to support client loyalty

Deej Dexigner came to us to help manage their online media accounts, and we've effectively assisted them with seeing extraordinary outcomes in a short measure of time. By distributing targeted, investigated content, we had the option to make content that resounded with possible shoppers and develop their intended interest group by 20% in just a week!