Social Media Management Case Study

Layra Leggings



Layra Leggins is a fashion brand and it is well-known for its leggings and shirts that are exclusively designed for comfort without compromising on your style. Be it Jeggings, palazzos, joggers, or culottes, this is the one-stop for you. They’ve been there since 2015 making a name for themselves by selling quality products. 

Layra Leggings wanted to improve its social media advertising and approached Digital Ranko for the same,

Social Media Management Activities

  1. Created an account on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Increased followers in Facebook and Instagram
  3. Reply to the customers who engaged with this social media.
  4. Promoted the post which got more engagements, likes and reaches.


  • Targeted audience who were looking for fashion brands 


Layra Leggings wanted to improve their social media advertisement therefore they came to us. With the services of Digital Ranko, they were able to see significant results that helped greatly in the marketing of their product. Through social media management and promoting the post, they yielded 567 purchasers.

Vedlekhaa Skin Glow

Vedlekhaa is a cosmetics manufacturing company that formulates skin products for a wide variety of skin problems ranging from aging, acne, scar removal, skin blemishes, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, etc. to quite severe issues of psoriasis too. 



Digital Ranko was approached by Vedlekhaa Skin Glow to help them market their brand by managing their social media channels and promoting the audience’s growth on each platform. 

Social Media Results


  • 67,233 new followers (across all platforms)
  • 15,008 total net audience growth
  • 22.32% overall growth rate


  • We conducted research on the target audience to understand what kind of advertisement would be pleasing to them and encourage them to buy. The results showed that they were more inclined to an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. So we sent our client a mock of what their Instagram feed would look like when we implemented the results of our research a month in advance of publishing.
  • Reposted the posts on Vedlekhaa Skin Glow that the customers tagged to further encourage brand awareness 
  • We ran giveaways to further drive post engagement and brand awareness


To encourage their growth in social media channels Vedlekhaa Skin Glow partnered with us and we helped them generate over 17000 new followers across all four platforms. Tremendous growth rates as high as 90.57% were seen. We are indeed proud to say that our social media helped them reach great heights. 

Yolk Spot

Yolk spot


Since its founding in the year 2010, Yolk Spot aims at providing the best egg recipes from around the world. They specialize in Turkish and Mexican egg dishes which are our signatures apart from various others.

Yolk Spot approached Digital Ranko with an objective to increase their growth rate in social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram to make their product known and bring in customers.  

The Results are as Follows

Campaign Level

  • 1,305 new Instagram followers
  • 1,247 new Twitter followers


  • Engage with followers
  • Daily monitoring
  • Implemented new strategies for organic growth

The Audience We Used

  • New qualified leads, through organic follower growth methods
  • Repeat customers, through regular communication with followers


Digital Ranko increased the follower count on Instagram and Twitter for Yolk Spot. We not only increased their followers but also retained the count through daily monitoring and outreach to generate new and repeat customers. 

Shreya Crafts

shreya crafts


Shreya Crafts is a small business set up by a group of friends who are skilled in making handcrafted DIY products that are genuinely useful for the customers. Shreya crafts had its origins when one among their friends came up with a brilliant idea in the month of December 2012. 

    How does a small local business, like Shreya Crafts, get big results using social media?

    You can accomplish this by means of a simple strategy,

  • Create attractive and intriguing content 
  • Target platforms that have a large number of users
  • Advertise to your followers on what you do and update them on a regular basis, only then would they have a context with the business. 


  • Client priority contents
  • Build a Laser Targeted Following
  • Advertise to their fans and followers


  • Orders placed via social media: 452
  • Follower and Fan Count: 9,711
  • Social Media Channels: active and looking great


Not bad for a small business right? However, the truth is no matter the size of the business, big or small with the right social media advertising team you can reach great heights.

Now it’s your turn!

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